Shakira, Wolf

OMG! Shakira! She is my favorite Colombian export, after narcotics, coffee and flowers.

“She Wolf,” her new song, features the most demure and girly of moon-lusting howls.

The video shows Shakira dancing like a rubber-jointed circus freak–hot, right? However, let us not forget the dancing scenes in the sparkly star trek cave: she looks like a super awkward but supremely flexible spaz.

I just have two things to say: this song is pure Swedish pop. It’s so pristine. Likewise, Shakira suddenly looks Swedish. I know she’s been gradually getting blonder over the years. But I would feel better if one day, all the non-blond starlets of the world didn’t feel obligated to go blond for some portion of their career. (Here’s looking at you, Beyonce!)

“She Wolf” doesn’t sound like a stomping, organic Shakira song, but it’s one of the best and most interesting singles I’ve heard all year.

The other thing: oh man, women in cages and animal prints. I keep seeing this lately.


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