Ghostdini is sometimes Sexistdini

I am always super-hesitant to comment on, express thoughts about or write up reviews of any albums by a former Wu-Tang Clan member. Peeps have been dedicated to these guys for several decades; I’m a relative new-comer to hiphopdom, and I don’t want to come off sounding stupid about this group of living legends.

That caveat aside, can I just say, I really love “Ghostdini: The Wizard of Poetry?” I know this album is a big departure from previous Ghostface Killah, since it’s more R&B and less hip hop. The album is full of soul samples and catchy hooks; there’s even a classy rag with Estelle. Ghostdini nods to contemporary commercial hip hop (with some auto-tune) but does not cowtow to it; the first few seconds of the first track punches you with a RUN-DMCesque sample, asserting that this is still the work of a hard Shaolin mofo. Among the album’s curiosities, the song “She’s a Killah,” is a surprise and a half. Part party jam (complete with Patron reference, homies sayin’ “Oh!”) and part call to prayer (a minaret warble like something from Radio Algeria), this song has the most creative use of auto-tune I’ve heard yet. You really have to hear it to believe it.

Ghostface and all his guest artists on Ghostdini are all like, oh, baby baby, let’s make love, I’m so tender, I love this baby we’re makin’ together, blah blah.

So if you love ladies so much, Ghostface (aka Dennis), why you gotta be like: “That’s what’s wrong with our people and shit… They put our women equal to men. We’re not equal.” ?????

You will be amazed at how much he trails off mid-sentence and says “n shit…” in this video. Pretty sure he smoked an acre of weed the morning of that interview. This is a dude who makes his money off his way with words and calls himself a ‘Wizard of Poetry,’ though you wouldn’t know it from all the shit he talks n shit in this video, n shit. He rambles incoherently for a little while until he begins ranting about promiscuity in women:  suddenly he has amazing clarity about the mathematics of hoe-dom: 12 men a year x a couple years = Ghostface will “never wife” a lady who done that.

WHY GHOSTFACE WHY? The only thing I will give him credit for is at least he is logically consistent. Right wingers, MTV and most of America reinforce a chastity double-standards (women who have sex = shameless sluts, men who have sex = celebrated as paragons of their gender) while still pretending to believe in the equality of men and women. Ghostface starts on another principle entirely (inequality) and runs with it.

Dude, if a lady you were interested in were to see this video, you’d definitely have to ask her for a “Do Over.”


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