Seasonal Affection Depression Disorder SNOW SONGS

S.A.D.D. is... this photo likely taken by an aspiring photographer who goes to Columbia but lives in Logan Square.
S.A.D.D. is... standing alone on the California blue line train platform after you trudged through the snow from a mile away.

Every morning I am awakened by my upstairs neighbor toe-tapping along to her favorite Norteño crooners. Saida: if you are reading this, know that I am still sleeping at 6:30 a.m.! Anyway, today I awoke not to the lively wheeze of accordions but to the whizzz of snow blowers! I looked out my window, and the grit of the junkyard next door was momentarily lost under a fresh layer of white snow. I moved into this apartment in November, so as far as I could tell, the trees around here never had leaves and the street was always a sad gray. But snow did a miracle on this ugly urban landscape. It gave a postcard quality to the block, which normally looks like the backdrop for a crack bust on Law & Order. (At least it does on the corner, where several hobos and a discount tobacco shop hang out.)

In celebration, I made a playlist of “snow songs.” This category is as concrete and as esoteric as I want it to be; the commonality is that all these songs are about or remind me winter. Winter can mean beautiful pastoral scenes in rural America (Fleet Foxes’ “White Winter Hymnal”) or can mean the compounding of the hood’s human misery during the colder months (Raekwon’s “Cold Outside”). It can sound like the soundtrack for James Bond racing around a villain’s ice castle in a Bentley (Bjork’s “Hunter”) or sound like those quiet, unhappy moments we’re stuck in the house when it’s 10 below (The Knife’s “From Off to On”).

So please enjoy this playlist:


A list of the songs so you know what you’re in for:

1. Fleet Foxes: White Winter Hymnal

2. Bjork: Hunter

3. Brian Eno: The Big Ship

4. Rihanna: Cold Case Love

5. Beck: Paper Tiger

6. Charlotte Gainsbourg: IRM

7. Kanye West: Coldest Winter

8. Grizzly Bear + Victoria Legrand: Slow Life

9. Raekwon + Ghostface: Cold Outside

10. Jon Brion: Little Person

11. The Knife: From Off to On


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