Jesus and Big Boi Rise To Save The World

Who will be your savior? Me?

When my sister is exasperated or surprised, she says, “Jesus H. Christ!” What does the ‘h’ stand for? Nothing, that I know of. It’s sorta like the middle initial of our atom-bomb-dropping prez, Harry S. Truman. The ‘s’ stood for nothing; but like Christ’s ‘h,’ it just adds that extra oomph, that unquantifiable yet necessary je ne sais quoi.

Now that you’ve got the back story, let me just say, JESUS H. CHRIST, Big Boi is a geniusman. He could be the Jesus of hip hop this year; his rise means our salvation (from the likes of havoc-wreaking behemoths and apocalypse horsemen such as Drake.)

Lest we forget, Big Boi’s album Sir Luscious Left Foot is coming out this year, and it’s about goddamn time. Five–count em’–five singles have already been released from this album. These included a dro-celebration song with George Clinton (“Fo yo sorrows”). There was “Royal Flush,” featuring Raekwon and Andre 3000, which sounds like an ad hoc recording of a 1988 freestyle performed outside a Staten Island cooperative housing complex. There was even down-tempo neo-soul song with Mary J Blige about America’s socio-economic-geo-political situation (yes, really). That one was “Sumthin’s Gotta Give.”

Big Boi has released a new single, as of yesterday, entitled “Shutterbugg.” It is the most wonderful thing I’ve heard since… come to think of it, probably “Shine Blockas.” A layered arrangement of light, almost ethereal synth work and tinkling, Prince-ly guitar licks make for a delicate remedy to this era’s punchy, treble-y obsession with dance synths. The song reminds me of everything: George Clinton space funk , early Timbaland, Tupac talkboxing. But it also reminds me of nothing, of the future, of the shape of music to come in 2010.

Big boi says in the song he’s got “triple O.G. status/Atown’s very own.” As if we needed to be reminded of this!

So, cut a rug, do the shutterbug.

...or me?

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