Criticism is not an exercise in objectivity. Where we grew up, what our parents liked, what was on the radio and who we befriended are all factors in determining our taste and aesthetics. From the time we’re kids we build a pop culture canon that is the wallpaper of our artistic universe: everything we see and hear is surrounded by it,  reflected in it, interpreted through it. OK, so wallpaper wasn’t the best way to create that metaphor. But say the wallpaper is the wallpaper in an, um, Vuillon or Matisse painting, and it contains simple, whimsical motifs. The motif is repeated in different objects within the painting and in other paintings, until the motif becomes a symbol of a style and a foundation for an oeuvre. Some literary critics have a hard time explaining why criticism is different than literature; I have a hard time explaining how consuming art and pop culture is different than creating an oeuvre. Daftpop is my attempt to document the culture we’re all filled to the gills with.

To contact me, please send an email:

apiontekster at gmail dot com


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